Reason Why I Just Had To Do It

I believe in advertising.

This is how I put it better- communicating towards a desired action in a creative way. Some time back in 2011 when I thought about starting this blog- it was a brilliant idea. It still is. As a cog in the communications field I wanted to give my two cents on the advertising we are exposed to here in the 254. But the notion stayed in my head till I shared it with a colleague of mine who is very persistent in seeing things done. So today, I gave in to her pressure, got a name for the blog and punched away at my keyboard.

So, let’s talk about Brands (Kenyan) and how they communicate: the good, the bad and the horrible of their advertising (campaigns) – and what contributes to why they come off as such.

I’m sure they could do with a fine comb running through them- The Squared Factor.


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