101 Ways to Make Women Look Ridiculous

JIK- Really? 101 uses and all you could think about how to tell us about it using was with 101 women dressed like clown wives and a parody to a South African jig song!

I wonder how the advertising agency managed to convince the client (Reckit Benkiser) that this ad would pass the audience’s sneers and gales of laughter, especially with the ‘momo’ bug going around town. And what’s with the shot of these ‘momos‘ down on their knees sashaying their bums mid air? Way to get us thinking about 101 ways to use JIK.

I think South African ad agencies assume that whatever passes for them, will pass for the rest of Africa, but lets talk about them some other day. Flashback: I prefer JIK’s other advert with the naughtiest boy I know. Who, by the way, I think is not Kenyan were and went ahead to stain his white school shirts with ketchup, ink and some other deadly stuff, he would get the beating of his lifetime and remain traumatized for the rest of his life. It’d have been easier for him to drink the whole bottle of ketchup and get a running stomach if all he wanted was to avoid school (this is how a Kenyan kid would have thought)- but I digress. At least, this ad did tell us how you can keep your whites white- and zap stains fast.

Back to the ‘momo’ concept. After looking up the 101 uses of JIK on the internet, I discover that JIK is trying to reposition itself from just a mere stain remover and whitener, to a product that can be used in a myriad of ways- from a stain remover on whites and colorfast clothes to a disinfectant that keeps your television remote and kids toys hygienically clean- great strategy. Unless you were trying hard to analyze the ad like me, the message does not come across. Infact, if they could just show me the different places or ways to do all this and remove the ‘momo stains’ from the advert, I’d give it a Squared factor pass.

The 101 ways concept could have done with the TV ad driving traffic to the JIK 101 Uses website. I love how they have actually listed 101 ways to use JIK – simple and very informative. If you go through it, we’d have no use for most of the other disinfectants that prey on our fear of germs and diseases- Lifebuoy and Dettol, I’ll get on their case soon enough- nkt.

The website also has a promotion running. SMS JIK I01 to a certain number and stand a chance to win a few Rand a day. What I like about it is that it further goes to send you a ring tone and a JIK use of the day.

Do you think we need a similar promotion back here in the 254? The campaign could do with a short in the arm, and the target audience could actually do with more information on 101 uses of JIK. Here’s a thought for JIK’s brand manager- put together a promotion asking us to send a text to a certain code with how we are using JIK. Refer us to a webpage (co.ke domain) with the 101 uses for us to refer to, or simply attach small flyer notes on the JIK packs.

I’m sure JIK would be well placed to shave off some market share from the so-called disinfectant soaps with germ killers. Don’t you think so?


7 thoughts on “101 Ways to Make Women Look Ridiculous

  1. please could you send me the link to download the advert.my child really loves the advert and i always see dissappointment when the commercial is over

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