When A Brand Means One Thing, But Says Another

I’m not a suit person. But when I slip into one, I like to feel suave. But I can only feel so if those around me think that I am suave. And I can only be sure if that girl that I meet on an uptown street in Nairobi has that look in her eyes that says: I want to feel your pecks through that suit. And the guy she is with has a different look that says: I want to be in that suit to get the look my girl is giving you. Or I will drag you along the kerb if you continue walking in my girls’ line of sight (read if she continues wanting to reach out and touch me).

man of the world

Ill fitted man of the world

Now that you know how I feel in a suit, every other dude should feel the same way and make the same impression. The same reason why I feel that brands selling these clothing items that define a man should impress upon the potential customers. Any communication put out should compel me towards wanting to walk into the store, and walk out with an elegant tailored fit- feeling that the suit I just bought is worth more than you actually got it for- going by the way it looks on you, not by the way it looks on the hanger.

While a man’s suit is made to fit a standard form, very few men can slip into a ready-made suit and find that it needs no alterations. So when this billboard blocked my line of sight, I cringed he walked into Manix Clothing Store. He was left at the mercy of an over anxious clerk at the store who can’t even sew on a button. He just wanted to make that sale and move on to the next bloke. If I left the store looking like this man of the world here, it better be at night in a dimly lit alley- definitely nowhere near Kaunda or Muindi Mbingu Streets and neither at the Sarit Center!

Manix clothing store claims to ‘house a collection of finest branded merchandise for men’ but its communication refutes such an offer. Perception in branding and communication is as important as the quality of the product on offer. And for this clothing store, housing the finest brands does not stop just at stocking them; it should go further to say that they can fit (measure and alter correctly) me properly. It might be a great suit, but if doesn’t if it doesn’t fit right, its not a great suit after all.

A word to this man of the world; after getting your suit fitted right, remember to never, ever button the bottom button.


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