My Itsy-bitsy

Writer’s block is my kryptonite. And I’m a storyteller.

I think I’ve been a copywriter since 2009, or sometime in the 80’s. You know how musicians claim they began singing since they could bubble a note? My call came when my dad was teaching how to read, with any printed material. He introduced me to the first advertising line I know: Bata- the boots that say you know Africa!

Before then I had no idea what people like me did. I simply graduated from a communications class with big ideas on how I’d be a renowned journalist. But my sails caught different winds blowing towards marketing communications, with a copywriter footing. Working with a Brand Consulting firm, my appreciation of branding has grown enormously.

I read anything- apart from self-help books. Day-to-day success stories inspire me. I love cartoons, the cradle of imagination and the bible of the English language- with lots of color, simple sentences and full of new words. I appreciate movies with a good thought-provoking storyline. I don’t like (hate is too strong) people who push their ideas and beliefs down my throat.


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