Brands that Know People, And Those That Don’t

There are some brands that need to have their noses pinched, and told to know people. I mean, how do they expect to compete with the other ‘elite’ brands that are endorsed by professional bodies?

Allow me to trace my steps back to the cause of my chagrin with these ‘elite’ brands that claim to know people. Product endorsement comes in many ways- from celebrities claiming how best deodorants keep them dry all day to past users of a product swearing by their pinkies how a certain soap got them a boyfriend or a job simply because their skins got fairer.  I have no bone to pick with this kind of endorsement- I mean, all they seek to take advantage of is how the consumer connects with the celebrity or a user they relate to with regard to their depicted way of life.

Endorsement from professional bodies is what unsettles me. The consumer places his complete trust to professional bodies such as those in the medical and cosmetic fields, foods and beverage among others. These bodies act as consumer watchdogs and are supposed to give an unbiased platform Continue reading


Wherever There’s An Offer, There’s A Kenyan- Right?

For a few weeks now, two banks have been confusing me and my fellow consumers who have as little (or as much) as sh1,000  to put aside. Both banks are both green in color and you’d be forgiven to think its one bank running two different promotions with similar prizes. Confusing right? Thing is, these two banks are running promotions that are similar in nature- deposit some money in your account and you stand a chance of winning, among other prizes saloon cars, pick-ups, motorbikes and other worldly possessions that we hold so dear and use as a measure of how well we’re doing.

Bank one. Cooperative Bank- Ongeza Akiba, Imarisha Maisha promotion. The creativity behind this promotion hits more than two nails on the head at the same time. Coop Bank has taken different scenarios of how one can forego a quick, short lived luxury in anticipation for a higher, more satisfying reward. A quick run through of my favourite among them: A guy walks past a restaurant and see another digging in into a delicious meal with gusto.Image

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out  Continue reading

Look! Up in the Sky: It’s a bird. A Paper Bag. A Timeline

True story- You’re not ready for Timeline. When the Facebook Timeline was introduced, so many naïve, euphoric and easily swayed Facebook users rushed in to get it. In my head, I could hear the UB40 lead singer chime a familiar adage- only fools rush in. And so I sat back. Waiting for the torrent of complaints and curses from my friends who had flown into the Timeline web of showing how they are ‘with it’.

I could not understand why, just a few years back, friends were up in arms protesting on what was then called the ‘new Facebook look’. Now, if I had a 20 bob coin for every person I heard asking how they would revert back to the old version after changing to Timeline, I’d be swimming in then like Donald Duck Continue reading

The Weird Responsible, Eco-friendly Consumer You Are

I’m impressed with Keringet. Early this month (March), Crown Beverages relaunched its Keringet bottled water packaging, and a refreshed logotype. The award-winning brand is keeping up with its 20 years unrivalled offering for premium, safe and hygienic water with a distinct natural taste. According to the MD as well as their print ad, ‘The new Keringet recyclable bottle is 20% lighter, stylish and the flowing lines feel just right in your hand while adding strength, stability to the bottle.’

I’m further impressed at how the unveiling launch was done- at a fitting event- the Blankets & Wine event. It is an outdoors affair in the sun, with a perfect crowd that falls smack  Continue reading