101 Ways to Make Women Look Ridiculous

JIK- Really? 101 uses and all you could think about how to tell us about it using was with 101 women dressed like clown wives and a parody to a South African jig song!

I wonder how the advertising agency managed to convince the client (Reckit Benkiser) that this ad would pass the audience’s sneers and gales of laughter, especially with the ‘momo’ bug going around town. And what’s with the shot of these ‘momos‘ down on their knees sashaying their bums mid air? Way to get us thinking about 101 ways to use JIK.

I think South African ad agencies assume that whatever passes for them, will pass for the rest of Africa, but lets talk about them some other day. Flashback: I prefer JIK’s other advert with the naughtiest boy I know. Who, by the way, I think is not Kenyan Continue reading