Wherever There’s An Offer, There’s A Kenyan- Right?

For a few weeks now, two banks have been confusing me and my fellow consumers who have as little (or as much) as sh1,000  to put aside. Both banks are both green in color and you’d be forgiven to think its one bank running two different promotions with similar prizes. Confusing right? Thing is, these two banks are running promotions that are similar in nature- deposit some money in your account and you stand a chance of winning, among other prizes saloon cars, pick-ups, motorbikes and other worldly possessions that we hold so dear and use as a measure of how well we’re doing.

Bank one. Cooperative Bank- Ongeza Akiba, Imarisha Maisha promotion. The creativity behind this promotion hits more than two nails on the head at the same time. Coop Bank has taken different scenarios of how one can forego a quick, short lived luxury in anticipation for a higher, more satisfying reward. A quick run through of my favourite among them: A guy walks past a restaurant and see another digging in into a delicious meal with gusto.Image

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out  Continue reading


When A Bank LOL’s and Smugly Smiles at You

The Commercial Bank of Africa unveiled its new look, some time in October 2011. I will spare the details of the rebrand since much has been said about it- including the most confusing television advert – how does time for more (their positioning line) tie up to the kid going through school and his absentee dad building an empire. Anyone with insights can share them since my colleagues too are still scratching their heads (apart from the one with dreadlocks). An article by Kalgas Time for more: lessons for non-profits on rebranding from CBA tried to explain it, but all I heard was not close to what the ad said.

Nevertheless, I still give a SquaredFactor thumbs up to how the campaign was executed- right from the teaser adverts to the online campaign. The rebrand culminated in the bank’s efforts as it sought to upgrade products and services to meet the needs of its personal, corporate and SME customer segments.

So yesterday, CBA launched a US Dollar currency credit card and its advert in the Daily Nation today had me crumpling the paper up. Continue reading