A Tot A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I was at home (my mum’s) over the weekend. It was food galore. The other highlight of the weekend was when an advert ran on TV about healthy drinks. We are used to juice and water being advertised as healthy drinks, probably because they have some nutrients that we think our bodies need or require to keep away situations like marasmus and beriberi, and for girls to get smoother, glowing skin.

This noteworthy advert caught my eye, and at the same time plucked my mum’s ears. You see, it was about an alcoholic drinks brewer claiming to care about the health and plight of those get inebriated. They thought long and hard (with sober minds) produced a healthy vodka, which is ready to drink. It was at this moment that mother exclaimed: Ngai, atí vodika ní helothy? Loosely translated: Good Lord! How can vodka be healthy?

I’ll try to think here like the advertiser, Keroche Breweries, and what might have been going on in their healthy, sober minds Continue reading