How To Make Out With Nature- And Get Away With It!

Daima! Daima! Daima!  Why has though forsaken me? Okay, I admit this sounded very good in my head at some point- kinda like a head-scratching statement from Miguna Muguna or PLO Lumunba on the smoking bench, don’t you think so?

I love Daima products- especially their yoghurt (but don’t take this an endosrsement). Their strategy on product and brand extension is working well for them (unlike the processors of Molo Milk –Buzeki Dairy- who came up with Yogo Yogo and endorsed it as ‘a product of Molo Milk’– Molo Milk is a product brand itself!).

But I digress. My chagrin is with a billboard introducing the Daima Orange juice nectar. It carries a header- the kiss of nature with the image of a girl kissing an orange humanoid (pun intended). It ends there, only with my mouth agape- thoughts running through my head- hence my opening statement: Daima! Daima! Daima!  Why has though forsaken me? With such imagery, I wonder how it will be depicted when they introduce the banana or grape flavor! Melon nayo?


I have unwillingly put myself in the shoes (or sat on the chair) of the guys who did this concept convinced the client that it will have the product sliding off the shelves into the shopping carts and across the tills. “We decided to do something out of the norm- unexpected… something other people (read creatives) have not done’ might have been one of the rationales for the concept.

Well, it did get people talking- mostly creatives, but I don’t think that was the objective of the communication here. See reactions on social media at the Art Directors and Copywriters Club of Kenya Facebook page here

Tell you what; I want to see the other two options presented to client- the normal ones! (and the banana flavor option of this billboard).


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